Custom Event Backdrops

Custom Backdrops or Customised Backdrops or Backdrops customised to your need is what Aavant specialises in. And hundreds of clients will vouch for our quality of them and Aavant’s workmanship from the very first stage of discussion and understanding to completion of the backdrop to client’s complete complete satisfaction.

As a matter of fact when you conceive a project as a director or producer for a theatre or an event manager, or for an assignment of top end photography shoot, it’s not always possible to get your perfect backdrop exactly as you’ve visualised. From your brief or sketchy ideas to visualisation, complete with all details, from scrap arts to support it or a photograph or even no visual support Aavant can do magic and render your conception, visualisation, dream to reality on backdrops. Magic at every stage of production, from sketches to final backdrops, you can take it for granted from Aavant, whether it’s Broadway theatricals or Disneyesque musicals or speciality themed event backdrops or perfect photography backdrops to accentuate your shoot on special assignment.